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Question: Discuss About The Otto Preminger And Carmen Jones Explorer? Answer: Introducation Celebrities are individuals who are widely known by society and had attained a degree of media and public attention. They are recognized for their reputation which is for either good or bad deeds. Formation and management of positive reputation in society is not an easy task as it requires a lot of hard work and patience (Wasserbaue and Dhoest, 2016). The present study is based on research work on the life of celebrities; Maria Callas and Madonna by considering the factors which led them to the diva status. Maria Callas is a traditional diva, calm yet strong, being a heavenly idol also a very brilliant opera singer. On the other hand, Madonna is a modernistic diva; she is motivated, ambitious and often reveals unpredictable and domineering behaviour. On the basis of this research, lessons learnt from their life will be summarized. Reputation of Maria Callas and Madonna as divas Maria Callas has enduring legacy due to her sensational voice and determination to become a glamorous diva. She transformed herself into a glamorous diva whose mesmerizing stage presence and enhancing scandalous behaviour provided her frequent place to covers of international magazines (Sonneborn, 2014). She made her professional debut through Royal Opera of Athens in Boccaccio and quickly earned the primary role of Tosca (Smith, 2000). However, later she struggled for finding other roles due to World War II and faced various rejections. Due to this she moved to Verona and later debut with the performance of La Gioconda and get married to rich industrialist Giovanni Meneghini. With the management team of her husband, she continued her performance and became a demanding diva and in 1954 made debut in America in Norma which was considered to be her signature role. Madonna started her career as a pop star singer in 1980 and became an idol for psychology and influenced them with her revealing fashion sense and she was a fashionista. Madonna was a good student; she won a scholarship in 1978, from the Michigan University. Eager for popularity and stardom, she stopped during her second year and shifted to New York; she had worked in shift despite having low and started to fight for performances and shows (BERNSTEIN, 2014). In New York club scene, she was popular, after she gave a hit Holiday, which was one of the Americas Top 20 and'Like a Virgin' (1984) was her title track became the singer's first No. 1 single. During 1985, Madonnas singles were sold more rather than any other artist. Madonna pursued the achievement of 'Ray of Light' with 'Music', however, 'American Life' album didnt succeed and was not as hit as expected. She came back to form her 10th album 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' which was released in November 2015, along with its 'Hung Up' as a lead single getting number one position in 41 countries. In 2015, her latest album was released named 'Rebel Heart'. With the initiation of her career, Madonna was popular as "Queen of Pop", had a great social-cultural effect on all over the world with her thoughts behaviour, tapes, recordings and lifestyle. Factors which had contributed to reputation and fame of Maria Callas and Madonna as divas Maria Callas and Madonna were amazing singers and renowned with the status of diva due to their hard work and emotional intensity of their voice. They both had adopted something different from the league to retain their fame. Maria Callas had transformed herself to gain a glamorous body, and Madonna had adopted revealing fashion sense which had a significant impact on youth (Grover-Friedlander, 2014). Further, they both had endured scandals and struggled over the course they career, but they continued their musical journey with innovation and reinvention in their music work. Both divas were able to act with words and their ability to rise to glamour despite having severe emotional and personal difficulties (Placanica, 2014). Artistic achievements of Callas had provided her title of "the Bible of opera" by Leonard Bernstein and even after 30 years of her death she is still the definition of a diva and best-selling vocalists. On the other hand, Madonna is living legend as a p rimary contributor of contemporary pop and being considered as one of 25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century. Similarity and differences in the process of reputation construction of Maria Callas and Madonna as divas The career of Madonna and Maria Callas has significant differences but the similar outline of musical journey. Maria Callas had started her career as opera singer through debut in royal opera but having a quick downfall in her career and faced various rejection due to World War 2. On the other hand, Madonna had got a quick career start up, as she was a good model and had an amazing voice (Wasserbauer and Dhoest, 2016). Madonna selected reinvention and innovation for boosting up her career while Maria Callas selected transformation of her body and support of better team work. Madonna had taken various vocal lessons for improving her voice regarding speech quality singing. While Maria Callas were not so much engaged in so much of training. Maria Callas have similar stereo types as she started her career through lowering their voices to straining their vocal cords. However, Madonna had broken all the rules with the launch of Gangbang as the statement against stereotype. They both have f aced emotional distress due to their personal life, and as a consequence, their career gets adversely affected (Melville, 2017). Although, they both arise from failures and restart their career with amazing debuts and earn the title of diva in the music industry. Happy coexistence of myth and truth in the process of reputation construction Life of celebrities is always on public display due to curiosity of media, followers and their criticizers. Their lives are always surrounded by buzz of rumors which are not always true due to which there is happy coexistence of myth and truth at the time of process of reputation construction (Mabry, 2015). For example, not all love affairs rumors of Maria Callas and Madonna were true but their closeness to cited person were truth to some extent. Both divas were working hard for re-debut but they get criticized for deteriorating public images but without affecting by it they rebuilt their musical career and become immortal and legend as a diva in musical industry. Lessons learnt from life story of Maria Callas and Madonna as divas The musical journey of Maria Callas and Madonna as divas provides various learning to their followers. In these learnings, primary lesson learnt is that hard work is the key to your success all we need is to keep trying and give you best. Both the celebrities had faced down time, scandals and emotional breakdown but as a performer, they continued their journey instead of quitting (Simosko, 2013). Another lesson I learnt from them is continuous improvement and innovation in work assist in growth in a career by providing new heights. By making use of clever innovation and reinvention (in terms of music, fashion and dance), Madonna kept herself in headlines and grab the attention of music lovers. marketing, if you do not spend sufficient time on training, then your career will adversely affect like Maria Callas (Maria Callas, 2017). In addition to this, it is team work which provides success as individual work is temporarily viable but not for long lasting success. These b oth divas are a beacon for women across the world and a commendable example for leaders in any facet of life References Grover-Friedlander, M., 2014.Vocal accounting: the attraction of cinema to opera. Princeton University Press. Melville, D., 2017. Kissinthe Breeze Goodbye: Otto Preminger and Carmen Jones.Explorer, (83). Placanica, F., Karantonis, P., Verstraete, P. and Sivuoja-Kauppala, A. eds., 2014.Cathy Berberian: pioneer of contemporary vocality. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.. Sonneborn, L., 2014.A to Z of American Women in the Performing Arts. Infobase Publishing. Wasserbauer, M. and Dhoest, A., 2016. Not Only Little Monsters: Diversity in Music Fandom in LGBTQ Business.IASPM@ Journal,6(1), pp.25-43. Simosko, N., 2013. What can leaders learn from Madonna? [Online]. Available through [Accessed on 31st July 2017]. Mabry, J., 2015. Madonna builds a worldwide reputation as leading innovator in rehabilitation. [Online]. Available through [Accessed on 31st July 2017]. Maria Callas 2017. [Online]. Available through [Accessed on 31st July 2017]. Smith, B. S., 2000. [Online]. Available through [Accessed on 31st July 2017].

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essays (1396 words) - Herbalism

Should Marijuana Be Legalized? The controversy of legalizing marijuana has been raging for quite a while in America. From some people pushing it for medical purposes to pott-heads just wanting to get high legally. Marijuana has been used for years as a popular drug for people who want to get a high. All this time it has been illegal and now it looks as if the drug may become legal. There has been heated debate by many sides giving there opinion in the issue. These people are not only left wing liberals either. Richard Brookhiser, a National Review Senior editor is openly supportive of medical marijuana yet extremely conservative in his writing for National Review (Brookhiser 27). He is for medical marijuana since he used it in his battle with testicular cancer. He says I turned to [marijuana] when I got cancer because marijuana gives healthy people an appetite, and prevents people who are nauseated from throwing up. (Brookhiser 27) Cancer patients are not the only benefactors from the appetite enhancer in marijuana, but so are any other nauseous people. Arizona and California have already passed a law allowing marijuana to be used as a medicinal drug. Fifty Six percent of the California voters voted for this law. We've sent a message to Washington, says Dennis Peron. They've had 25 years of this drug was, and they've only made things worse. (Simmons 111) The Arizona proposition garnished an even wider margin of separation between the fore's an against in a sixty five percent support tally. Ethan Nadelmann insists that these propositions are not about legalization or decriminalization. They're about initiating some non radical, commonsense approaches to drug policy. General Barry McCaffery disagrees saying, I don't think this was a medical issue from the start. (Simmons 111) He also calls the new laws, a tremendous tragedy. The federal government has a hard time letting the California/Arizona act stand. Marijuana is a schedule one drug, and has no medicinal purpose. Cocaine and morphine on the other hand are schedule two and do have medicinal value. Gen. McCafferey says a physician who tries to prescribe a schedule one drug with or without the referendums in California or Arizona, is subject to prosecution under federal law. (Simmons112) This quote has come under great duress since the DEA is the only group which can arrest someone who uses pot and slap someone with a petty misdemeanor. People will not care if they run the risk of a misdemeanor and likely use the drug anyway. Dennis Peron, one of the leading activists of marijuana legalization, has devoted twenty years to the legalization of marijuana. He says that when friend Jonathan West, developed AIDS, Dennis saw the potential uses for medical marijuana when he saw Jonathan feel better after smoking weed. (Rist and Harrison 75-76) Peron fought wildly to pass a bill to legalize medicinal marijuana. Any other drug that eased nausea, increased appetite, and reduced pain, would be prescribed everywhere. says Peron. (Rist and Harrison 75-76) A Harvard Medical psychiatrist calls the drug a wonder drug for pain, nausea, and appetite. However, there are many cons to the pros in prescribing marijuana for nausea and pain. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active drug in marijuana used to help relieve nausea in cancer patients. This THC has been proven to lower testosterone in the blood stream for men. (Angier 15) This is not a major concern to full grown men because the level of testosterone quickly rises back after the smoker is done smoking. However, it may be harmful to adolescent boys. In adolescence, a boy's body is going through many changes--it grows taller, it gets hairier, the voice deepens--and these changes are controlled by testosterone. Marijuana could very well block the normal growth process. says Carol Smith, of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethsheda Maryland. Columbia university did a study on 16 men who smoked five to fifteen joints a day. After they finished smoking their sperm counts were counted. It was discovered that all of the men experienced a dip in sperm count for weeks after and had malformed sperm cells. This could cause some serious malformations in conceived children. Studies were done on female rhesus monkeys who

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A Quick Guide to Balanced Scorecards

A Quick Guide to Balanced Scorecards Here is an overview of a BSC (balanced scorecards) management tool, its advantages and disadvantages. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a popular strategic management tool developed in 1992 by Robert Kaplan and David Norton to answer what the two researchers saw as a shortcoming in existing strategic planning methods: A way to connect the long-term objectives of a business to short-term performance measures, particularly financial indicators. The problem is easy enough to understand; a company’s overall goals, usually expressed in its Mission Vision Statement, are often somewhat abstract and difficult to express in terms of the day-to-day (or month-to-month, or year-to-year) activities and processes of the organization – it may not be clear to the people in the organization exactly how their work tasks at this moment are steps towards the company’s greater objectives, a bit of confusion that can create problems for maintaining productivity and motivation. The BSC is a way to â€Å"provide a roadmap† showing how to present activities lead to future objectives, and if used correctly, the tool can be very effective. If you have any questions our writers will gladly help you! STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT TOOLS PART 1 Background of the BSC The Fundamental Ideas Behind It Kaplan and Norton first introduced the Balanced Scorecard in an article in the Harvard Business Review in 1992 (â€Å"The Balanced Scorecard – Measures That Drive Performance†, HBR January-February 1992), in which they explained that any firm has four key perspectives from which it should consider its strategy: Financial, Customers, Internal Processes, and Learning and Growth. The firm needs to make money, and for that it needs customers; customers’ needs are served by the output of the firm’s internal processes, and in order to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage, the firm must learn and improve over time. Consequently, the BSC begins with a firm asking itself four important questions: What is our value to our shareholders? (the financial perspective) What is our value to our customers? (the customer perspective) In order to provide the value to our shareholders and customers, in what must we excel? (the internal processes perspective) How do we sustain our advantages and continue to improve? (the learning and growth perspective) The answer to each of these four questions has four parts: A relevant objective or objectives; the measures of performance that appropriately assess progress towards those objectives; the specific target value of the performance measures that would signify the objectives’ having been successfully achieved; and the specific processes or activities that must be done in order to achieve them. In form, the Balanced Scorecard is a four-sided matrix, with the firm’s vision and competitive strategy at its center: The Balanced Scorecard (Source: Kaplan Norton, â€Å"Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System†, HBR, January-February 1996) DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP Advantages of the BSC The first advantage of the BSC is that it forces firms to quantify their goals. Aspirations expressed in a Mission Vision Statement such as â€Å"being an empowered organization† is a platitude without some explanation of what â€Å"an empowered organization† is, and how, exactly, the organization can become â€Å"empowered†. Or for that matter, whether or not being â€Å"empowered† actually has anything to do with effectively meeting stakeholders’ and customers’ needs, maintaining sound internal processes to achieve those, and improving the organization to maintain a competitive edge. The second advantage of the BSC is that its format makes it easy to see how all of the strategic management perspectives relate to one another. Conflicts between objectives in different areas are immediately apparent and can be corrected. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the BSC is its versatility. Although it was designed for application in business management settings, the basic template can be applied to almost any initiative or organization. By slightly modifying the four key perspectives, the BSC can even be applied to specific areas of the organization and even to individuals. In fact, there is some research that suggests that the BSC is gaining, even more, use as a performance management and assessment tool in HRM applications than as a firm-level strategic planning tool. Disadvantages of the BSC Like many other strategic management tools, the BSC has one unavoidable potential handicap in that it is only as good as the quality of the information put into it. The tool suffers from the same risk as the SWOT analysis called SWAG (Scientific Wild-Ass Guess) by Oxford’s Professor Malcolm McDonald; the importance of objectives and other factors may be over- or underestimated or overlooked entirely, which leads to the BSC returning poor results because the right information is not actually included. Another problem that can make the BSC less effective than expected is that by design, it gives equal weight to all four of the key perspectives, while in actual practice, many organizations might need to give greater weight to one or another. For example, a non-profit organization would likely have very strong customer perspectives and a lesser focus on financial outcomes; without adjusting the BSC to reflect its priorities, the organization might end up actually hindering its efforts towards achieving its goals. And finally, the results of some empirical research on the effectiveness of the BSC suggests that just as with most strategic management tools, its performance in real-world applications falls a little short of the academic hype. A fairly recent broad study of strategic management tool use and effectiveness found that the BSC tends to work better for larger and more complex firms than for smaller ones, and that the alignment of strategy and performance is perceived to be better among firms that use the BSC in combination with other strategic planning and assessment tools than among firms using the BSC by itself (E.Tapinos, R.G. Dyson M. Meadows, â€Å"Does the Balanced Scorecard make a difference to the strategy development process?† Journal of the Operational Research Society, vol. 62, no. 5, 2011). One reason for this may be that, contrary to the assertions of Kaplan and Norton, the BSC is not actually designed to develop organizational strategy; the firm’s vision an d strategy must necessarily exist beforehand in order for the BSC to work as designed, meaning that the BSC is the best thought of as a performance management and operational planning tool (hence its popularity in HRM practice), rather than a strategic development tool. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT TOOLS PART 2 Whatever project you are working on, be assured you have a  reliable team  of writers  to work with. You can place your order here!

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Google's Hotel Finder Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Google's Hotel Finder - Research Paper Example However, the tool has few drawbacks as well with respect to the determination of popularity of an area where one plans to book a hotel in. On the whole, the tool has a great impact on the hotel industry by enlisting the potential winners and losers. The launching of Google hotel finder has impacted the hotel industry tremendously. Although it has created threats for numerous distributers such as travel agencies by entering into a competition with them yet it has opened new opportunities for hotels to make the most of Google hotel finder. It is made possible by allowing the users of Google hotel finder to establish a direct link with the hotel distributers on their websites instead of communicating with Google directly. It involves the role of Google hotel finder as an advertising medium for the hotel distributers that feature on Google hotel finder. Therefore, the potential winners are the hotel distributers that can do their advertising by paying a cost to Google, the most searched optimization engine. Thus it may enable them to get benefits in the form of getting increased customers that search for hotel through Google hotel finder search tool. Hence, Google has not only created a tool to increase traffic on its site in addit ion to the previous tools of Google maps and Google places, but also allowed hotel distributers to gain a lot from this new tool of Google. To sum up the analysis of a new tool by Google that enables users to search for hotels in the exact locations in which they want to travel and stay in by providing useful information about the pricing and rates of hotels. Not only the tool equips users with helpful information about the areas by highlighting the specific parts in the form of a drawing to make users decide on which areas they would like to visit but also allows them to book a room with the hotel of their