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Educational Services in Community Colleges Coursework

Educational Services in Community Colleges - Coursework Example The contract linking the funder and the services donor is evidenced in an agreement and is applicable for a particular specified given period of time (Taylor 2003; Wang 2000). The contract in management service provides the several advantages in both public and private educational colleges, It includes enhance the efficacy of skills and innovative ideas from the overall public education sector. Management contracts actually empower the managers to take the decisions, lessen the technical issues and union constraints linked with community service empowerment, encouraging the competition level among the all organizations to win the race of contract and promote the education establishments to identify the overall performance criteria so they can transform the contractors if the presentation of performance is unsatisfactory. Professional services also played an important role in the public and private education system, the professional who can provide the teaching training services, delivery of textbooks, the design of syllabus and pure quality services certification, and further miscellaneous services which are satisfactory can be contracting out. The major advantage of these services is to promote the system of public schools and colleges by bringing the private service providers. Other services can be contracted out by providing the education virtually, it can support the overall system of education in the world, for example, government institutes management usually do not promote the canteen and food services at their universities in urbanized countries. Supportive services are essential in both public and private colleges to run the better activities, the maintenance of infrastructure and buildings for academic, the conveyance for students and food services seems to be very expensive in private elite colleges.

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Evaluating Popular vs. Scholarly Presentations of Global Climate Change Essay Example for Free

Evaluating Popular vs. Scholarly Presentations of Global Climate Change Essay There is a very clear distinction in the presentation of material on climate change between the popular and scholarly sources. The popular source tends to present a more emotion-driven content that primarily appeals to a politically motivated side of the issue. For example, the emphasis of the article in the L.A. times emphasize â€Å"an iceless Arctic summer† and â€Å"suffering Polar bears† which gives the impression that climate change is something extremely detrimental. The popular media podcast takes this political route to a higher level, by directly linking these dangers to administrative policies done by government. What is clear about the popular article is that climate change is a very bad thing, what is clear in the subsequent podcast is that there are people responsible for it. What is not so clear though is how apparent the evidences are to these supposed grave detriments. The article attempted to substantiate this initially by citing that half of their models says so without really explaining why half of 15 models saying so is good enough. They even used this opinion from one person saying that You have to fly a lot longer to get to the ice edge than you used to, which is fairly unscientific and not reliable at all. The scholarly article and its subsequent podcast both present hard facts regarding climate change and its possible effects. There is a uniform level of clarity regarding the subtopics that they present backed up by objective data such as charts on carbon emissions vis-à  -vis global warming stats following the same time-span. This presents a clear view of the extent of damage caused by carbon emissions. What is a bit lacking is content on the social relevance of the objective findings, which I don’t think I can expect from the material in the first place since delving into such contexts would already have a subjective inkling. I think the writers/directors of the popular sources aim to make readers sympathetic to their cause and consequently, to their political agenda. On the other hand, the authors/directors of the scholarly journal and podcast aim to present unbiased information which might hopefully spur other researchers into action towards verification or further development of their current work. I think the way global climate change is presented in the popular sources makes us more afraid of the event. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since even the scholarly sources point out that there are significant possible detriments, but being overly afraid because of sensationalized news might not evoke the best thought-of response from the reader/listener. On the other hand, the scholarly sources are not very exciting to read or listen to, which may be a barrier if you’re not really into all the science stuff but you want to learn more about helping the environment. What’s good about popular sources is that they know what people like and how people like to hear news. They can get readers and listeners to be more interested in topics. Scholarly sources although bland in style present the actual facts and objective data that people who might have been social awoken by popular sources might want to look into. In this way, I can see a synergistic aspect between the two models. One danger is causing unnecessary panic, or making people unjustifiably angry against certain entities like the government instead of realizing the problem and working on it. I think directors have to maintain a certain decency of not going overboard with the sensationalism and being as objective as they can be. Perhaps all the scientific journals need is just a bit more style in the presentation, a more layman way of talking about all the scientific details. Also, better visual representation by the use of computer animation may make objective studies a lot easier to sit through and understand. Sources: Zarembo, A. (2007).  Forecast: an iceless Arctic summer. Los Angeles Times.   Mar 16, 2007.  pg.  A.32 Phoenix, G. Lee, J. (2004) Predicting impacts of Arctic climate change: Past lessons and future challenges. Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield, Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TN, UK Scientific podcast. Retrieved April 28, 2007 from: Popular media podcast. Retrieved April 28, 2007 from:

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Edith Wharton Essay -- Literature

Edith Wharton once wrote, â€Å"Life is the saddest thing next to death (Johnson and Zimmerman).† She is also said to have been â€Å"among the first American writers to gain a sense of the world as an evil place (Johnson and Zimmerman).† Edith Newbold Jones was considered to be a â€Å"product of New York City† (Johnson and Zimmerman) and was born on January 24, 1862 (a day she tried to keep secret (â€Å"Edith Wharton Biography† in the wealthier side of New York City. It is said that â€Å"her privileged lifestyle lead to many of her finest works (â€Å"Edith Wharton†).† However, even though her last name was Jones, there was a slight suspicion that her tutor growing up was her real father, and Edith believed this (â€Å"Edith Wharton Biography† The ever-popular term â€Å"Keeping up with the Joneses† is also â€Å"a phrase coined about Edith Wharton’s family (â€Å"Edith Wharton†).† Edith Wharton was born just a few years before the end of the Civil War. When it ended in 1865, many things began to change for everyone, and that was one thing that Wharton’s family strongly disliked—changes (Johnson and Zimmerman). Therefore, in 1866, her family traveled to Europe and visited Italy, Germany, France, and Spain (Johnson and Zimmerman), and this was where â€Å"she spent much of her childhood (Johnson and Zimmerman).† In fact they stayed there for about six years after the war (â€Å"Edith Wharton Biography† Bio.) In 1872, she and her family came back to New York, but they spend their summers away from the city in Newport, Rhode Island. Then in 1873, Walter Pater publishes his â€Å"Studies in the History of the Renaissance (Davis â€Å"Timeline†).† This is an important fact because in her novel The Age of Innocence she writes, â€Å"Newland Archer prided himse... ...053&it=r&p=LitRC&sw=w>. Johnson, Doug, and Phoebe Zimmermann. "Edith Wharton, 1862-1937: Wrote Novels of the Young and Innocent in a Dishonest World." Voice of America, 2007. 15 Feb 2012. . Lewis, R.W.B. â€Å"A Writer of Short Stories.† Edith Wharton. Ed. Harold Bloom. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1986. Naipaul, V. S. "A review of 'Of Age and Innocence'." New Statesman 56.1447 (6 Dec. 1958): 827. Rpt. in Contemporary Literary Criticism. Ed. Roger Matuz and Cathy Falk. Vol. 66. Detroit: Gale Research, 1991. Literature Resource Center. 27 Feb. 2012. . Wharton, Edith. The Age of Innocence. New York: The Modern Library, 1948, â€Å"A Note on the Author of The Age of Innocence†- 68.

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Grizzly Man Essay

Grizzly Man In Grizzly Manï ¼Å'among the controversy stirred by the behavior of Treadwell, the central idea expressed in the film is that the nature is indeed indifferent and man should not cross the borderline between man and nature. Wild animals are not friends of human. Treadwell put all his heart to the cause of protecting the bears. He repeated in his films for many times that he loved them and he was willing to die for them. He tended to anthropomorphize them like many people do to the dogs and cats, but he forgot they were not those tame pets. He touched bears in a way that seemed to irritate them. He maybe had a belief and confidence that the bears also saw him as their friend and treated him differently. But in fact they didn’t. In the narrator’s opinion, â€Å"the common denominator of the universe is not harmony, hostility and murder.† Treadwell spent 13 years with the bears and he thought it was a wonderful and simpler world, he even wanted to become a bear, but in reality it is a hash world. In those big and ferocious bears’ eyes, they see only food and they never regard him as a friend. The narrator tells this observation at the end:†from all the faces, all the bears that Treadwell ever filmed, I discovered no kinship, no understanding, no mercy. I see only the overwhelming indifference of nature.† There is an ultimate invisible line between bear and human. The line has been respected by native people and the majority of the public. They know it is a very different world from the one where human lives. â€Å"when you cross the line, you pay the price.† the curator of the Kodiaks Alutiiq Museum mentioned this principle that has been strictly observed for 7000 years. He doesn’t agree with Treadwell’s behavior of staying too intimately with bears. He believes that â€Å"he has crossed the invisible boundary†, that is, the line which has been mentioned above. So even if Treadwell was repeatedly declaring that his main purpose was to protect bears from poachers, he didn’t realize that his behavior was another kind of invasion of their habitat and he was doing a lot of damage to them. He got close to those bears crazily and in un undue way. He violated the reasonable rule of the park that one should maintain at least 100 yards of distance from the bears. He lived with them and tried to make the bears get used to the existence of human, which was very dangerous for bears, and so on. As the narrator says in the movie, the best protection for the animals is that of their habitat. Any action of protecting animals by invading their habitat is not persuasive and of course can’t do any good to them. Like Treadwell, during his 13 years, he didn’t give bears any practical protection except serving them a delicious dinner with his and his girlfriend’s bodies. Life of Pi The view presented in this movie is that human and ferocious animals can co-exist peacefully if human can meet the survival needs of the animals and nature can give human hope and direction to survive. Darwin’s theory—the survival of the fittest, emphasizes the fierce and somewhat ruthless struggle of survival among the species and the individuals. It is indeed true in most cases. But in Life of Pi, it describes a picture of human and animal’s co-existence in a more harmonious way and proves that their struggle and contradiction are not so irreconcilable. In this movie, Pi was taught at his childhood by his father, that the animals, esp, the tiger, etc are not his friends. So at the first of the drift, Pi didn’t intend to co-exist with the tiger. He had had the chance to kill it. But his virtuous nature didn’t allow himself to do so. So he made the final decision to co-exist with this ferocious animal. He supplied the tiger with food and fresh water to survive so that he himself would not become the dinner of it. The threat to each other and the certain kind of peaceful co-existence helped them persevere to be saved at last. Even Pi himself admitt ed that â€Å"the fear of Richard Parker kept me alert. I wouldn’t survive without Richard Parker.† Human actually should be grateful to nature. Nature provides them with the animals living in it and therefore sustains human’s life. In the movie, nature is indifferent by the storm which caused the disaster of the ship’s sink and took away so many people’s lives. But on the other side, during the hopeless drift on the sea, nature also gave them food in the sea. It led him to the island when Pi had already lost his hope for survival, which made him regain the hope for life. Nature gave these seemingly coincidences to make for Pi’s survival from this disaster. Which kind of view do you agree with? Comparing two different views presented in these two movies, the former is more persuasive and reasonable. Handling the relations between human and nature, people should always remember that nature is indeed indifferent and keep a proper distance away from nature, especially the animals. Any human action which interferes with their natural life in an undue way will surely provoke the revenge of nature and pay a price for what they do. Guess of teacher’s view Teacher may agree that nature is indifferent but to some extent human and can get along well with each other unless both of them don’t cross the borderline and do harm to the other. Because America is a country which pays much attention to environment protection. They don’t encourage too much intimacy with nature for they know the ruthless and indifferent nature, so they do a good job in establishing the wildlife reserves. But on the other hand, they love to be close to nature.

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Arctic Oil Drilling - 1508 Words

Gas prices are increasing roughly every month or so as a result of the scarcity of oil. Some people just shrug the price increase off and cope with it, but the economic effect is far greater than it first appears. As the price of oil increases, so does the price of all other products that are transported. There is, however, an opportunity for the United States to increase the supply of available crude oil by drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The idea of drilling in the Arctic has been controversial and to the present day is still being debated. The United States’ need to determine whether drilling in the Arctic will be a worthwhile consideration, or if there are not sufficient benefits to counteract the harmful†¦show more content†¦(Dickinson) Even with advanced technology at our fingertips, there is the potential for errors which could lead to oil spills. If a spill occurred in this region, the effects could be detrimental to the ocean. Oil and gas industries have plenty of experience and history of preventing oil spills, but they have â€Å"little experience in containing and cleaning up oil spills† (â€Å"Oil†). With the possibility of polluting the water, the plan for Arctic drilling loses the votes of all environmentalists, a group that is not to be trifled with. If authorization to drill in this region relied upon the approval of the environmentalists, it could be nearly impossible because of their strong lobbying power. The drilling is also viewed as a diversion to the country’s real dilemma, which is its disproportionately high rate of oil use. Americans guzzle up over twenty-five percent of the world’s total oil consumption. The United States should be working on making vehicles more fuel efficient so that a gallon of oil goes a long way rather than sucking the earth dry of all its oil. This fact, by itself, is seen as a more pertinent problem on which the country should focus instead of increasing available production. Another reason against the drilling in the Arctic region is that, even if the drilling is approved, there may not be as large yield as expected. All the statistics about how muchShow MoreRelatedThe Arctic Oil Drilling Industry2148 Words   |  9 PagesAbstract The Arctic oil drilling industry can be seen as one of the most driven economic gains and a step ahead for the country to become energy independence. Nonetheless, the price that comes with this gold liquor has shifted the country’s mission to harvest and provide a clean, eco-friendly energy. The continuous drilling processes come with negative impacts towards the areas involved: in this case, The Chukchi Sea, The Beaufort Sea and The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). In order to sustainRead MoreArctic National Wildlife Refuge : Drilling For Oil Essay1639 Words   |  7 PagesArctic National Wildlife Refuge Drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, commonly referred to as ANWR has been the source of media and political controversy for the last twenty years and has only increased in recent years. President Eisenhower reserved this land in 1960 to preserve and protect the native and diverse plants and wildlife. When oil was discovered in the Prudhoe Bay a determined group consisting of large oil corporations, politicians and locals insisted that explorationRead More Should the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be opened to Oil Drilling?1544 Words   |  7 PagesDrilling oil in Alaskas Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is a serious issue for environmentalists and for the future of the United States. Should the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be opened to oil drilling? This paper will debate whether or not we should allow Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to be opened to oil drilling. This will also show the impact it has on the environment, and I will show a critical ana lysis of the current issue of whether or not to drill. History Arctic NationalRead MoreThe Debate Over the Idea of Drilling for Oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge1480 Words   |  6 PagesIdea of Drilling for Oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Throughout American history, there have been a number of conflicts and disagreements among the populace over various issues. These conflicts of interest help to define political parties and allow people to distinguish themselves through party allegiance. One such item that is currently being debated is over the idea of drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. For years, environmentalist groups and oil industryRead MoreOil Drilling in the Arctic1013 Words   |  5 PagesThe Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge is one of Americas last great wilderness areas. It is home to many animals such as polar bears, wolves, and grizzly bears, caribou herds, snow geese, musk oxen, and dozens of other species. If your oil companies keep drilling in the Arctic, most of these beautiful creatures will die, and some will become extinct. The Coastal Plain is home to these animals. Annually, a herd of 129,000 caribou gather on the Coastal Plain to bear and nurse their young. PolarRead MoreThe Arctic Oil Drilling Industry2152 Words   |  9 PagesAbstract The Arctic oil drilling industry provides promising aspects in terms of economic gains and energy independence. However, the negative effect from the industry should shift the country’s focus towards clean alternative energy. The large-scale human activities from the industry is causing environmental damage in the area, while the carbon emission and increase of soil acidity from the infrastructures in order to sustain the industry also lead to air and soil pollutions in the area that causeRead MoreOil Drilling Endangers Arctic National Wildlife Riches1374 Words   |  6 PagesOil Drilling Endangers Arctic National Wildlife Riches Can you imagine the grocery stores and restaurants in your neighborhood disappearing bit by bit? The oil drilling in North Slope Borough, Alaska, has affected 95,000-square miles of wildlife’s habitat. The development of oil industry takes away what is essential to the lives of the Gwich’in: the Caribou. Gwich’in villages rely on caribou to supply their food and clothes. As the oil industry develops in a close proximity to the Gwich’in villageRead MoreThe Importance Of Drilling For Oil In The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge723 Words   |  3 Pages Last week, Senate Republicans sparked an uproar from environmentalists and their Democratic allies after voting to raising revenue by drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the northeast corner of Alaska. Though pushed for years by Alaskas congressional delegation, tapping that land, set aside for caribou herds and other wildlife, is still not a sure thing. The Senate, House and President Trump each need to agree to a budget proposal that sets up the prospect of a tax codeRead MoreArctic National Wildlife Refuge Should Be Protected From Oil Drilling920 Words   |  4 PagesPaper Assignment Subject Point of Significance Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Should be protected from oil drilling Dear President Barack Obama: As you may be aware, some of your Congressmen are wanting to drill for oil at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). The main Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Drilling article on Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, said that US House of Representative passed yet another bill to drill oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in February of 2012Read MoreAlaska Oil Drilling1301 Words   |  6 Pagesdegradation. An example that sheds light on the conflict between human interests and environmental responsibility is the controversial approval of the oil drilling in the Northern Slope region of Alaska and the drilling that has already began, in the Tar Sands of Alberta. In this paper I will firstly explain the situation regarding why the drilling for oil is up for debate to take place. Secondly I will assess the benefits and the irreparable damage that could possibly bring forth devastating effects

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Reviewing The Various Branches Of The United States...

Reviewing the Various Branches of the United States Government in Understanding the Checks and Balances System Before understanding the system of Checks and Balances it may be helpful for one to understand the various functions of the three branches that make up the federal government. The federal government consists of millions of people working together and insuring that the United States is run in an effective manor thus protecting the rights of every American citizen. American citizens must rely on local, state, and federal elected officials along with many members of various public organizations to insure that our Constitutional rights are not being infringed upon and that America remains a free country. Executive Branch Beginning with the Executive Branch of the United States Federal Government which seems to be the largest branch within the federal government. The Executive Branch is led by the President. The President is head of the state, head of government and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces (The Executive Brach/ The President of the United States is a very influential man and an admired leader. The U.S. Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states that the President must â€Å"†¦take care that the laws be faithfully executed†¦.† (The Constitution of the United States: A Transcription). In fulfilling his duties set forth by The Constitution the President has many duties, he not only leads the Executive Branch but also has a major legislative roleShow MoreRelatedThe Republic Of Ireland And The United Kingdom1323 Words   |  6 PagesThe Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom An Analysis of Governments, Politics, and Society in the Region Conall P. MacKenzie FP230 Short Paper LCDR Rachael Gosnell 24SEP2015 Western Europe has grown exponentially since the colonial period, and the emergence of the Republic of Ireland and a unified United Kingdom has clearly shown that Europe’s boarders are constantly changing. Each nation has evolved in its own ways over the course of its existence, but both show many similaritiesRead MoreCase Studies : Health Law1273 Words   |  6 Pagesdescribed as the local, state and federal laws, rules, regulations and other jurisprudence that hold jurisdiction over the vendors, payers, and providers of the healthcare industry of the country. It also governs the patients and the delivery models of the healthcare services with a special emphasis on the regulatory, operations and transactional legal issues (, 2016). The rule 6-14.2 definitions of the Florida bar states it as the legal issues that involve local, state or federal laws, rulesRead MoreThe Abolition Of The Monarchy Affect New Zealand s Constitutional Structure1750 Words   |  7 Pagesbriefly as there are merits in remaining with an â€Å"unwritten Constitution† mainly in relation to the fluidity that has historically led New Zealand’s gradual progression to Independence. New Zealand is a democracy and constitutional monarchy; the Head of State is the sovereign (Queen Elizabeth II) whom is the source of legal authority in New Zealand. In her role as Queen of New Zealand, Queen Elizabeth II acts through a representative appointed on the recommendation of the Prime Minister for a period ofRead MoreThe Republic Of The Philippines1600 Words   |  7 Pagesboundaries. The capital of the Philippines is Manila and the country’s most populous city is Quezon City, both part of Metro Manila. The archipelago, a Spanish colony during the 16th century and ceded to the United States in 1898 following the Spanish-American War, gained independence from the United States on July 4, 1946. The nation’s population was estimated at 102.6 million as of July 2016, making it the 13th most populous country in the world. The population was growing at 1.6% annually as of 2016Read MoreElementary Students Learn About Their Community s Government And Leaders Essay1124 Words   |  5 PagesSocial Studies Methods Summary: †¢ Students will learn about their community’s government and leaders. Throughout the lesson, students will engage in discussions and be visited by an elected local government official. Students will also conduct their own research to learn more about their local government. Learning Context: †¢ This lesson is designed for third grade and fits in with our community, as our government officials are part of our local community. †¢ This lesson may require extra timeRead MoreDoes San Francisco Have The Obligation Of Provide Citizens With Health Access?1022 Words   |  5 PagesObligation to Provide Citizens with Health Access? The question of whether governments have an obligation, legally or morally, to provide citizens with access to health care is one that has been debated for decades and will more than likely continue to be for years to come. Some say governments are morally obligated to provide access and others say they are bound by the right to health. Do governments, whether federal, state or local, have the obligation to provide citizens with health access? DoRead MoreA Report On The Quality Management Of A China Council Of Lions Clubs International ( Lci )953 Words   |  4 Pagesconsiderable success in NGO field. Lions Clubs International(LCI) is a secular, non-political service organization, which is originated in the United States and plays an active part among global NGO. In CCLC case, it takes distribution instead of hierarchical management model, namely CCLC establishes its branches by region, and each club will distribute various projects to certain units. These units are responsible for the functions of the aid of natural disaster, donations, rural education and etcRead MoreThe Role Of Galaxy s Production Manager s Responsibilities1492 Words   |  6 Pages Introduction The largest privately owned toy company in the United States is Galaxy Toys, Inc. They were founded in Toledo, Ohio in 1956 by George and Nan Jepson who later partnered with Jack Mercury. Today, Galaxy Headquarters is still located in Toledo, Ohio. Since their humble begging’s they have added several factories in Daytona, Florida, Huntsville, Alabama, White Plains and Jerez, Mexico. Their vision to â€Å"create toys that inspire children all over the globe to dream of space explorationRead MoreU.s. Government Accountability Office1578 Words   |  7 PagesThe U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is an independent, nonpartisan agency that works for Congress (GAO 2014). The GAO falls under the legislative branch of the federal government and works extensively with the executive branch, or more specifically, the Department of the Treasury and the Office of Management and Budget. How When it Began The GAO was founded in 1921 when the Budget and Accounting Act transferred accounting, auditing responsibilities, and claims functions away fromRead MoreStrategic Corporate Social Responsibility Of The Armed Services Ymca Essay1239 Words   |  5 PagesAmerican Armed forces in need. The Armed Services YMCA has grown over the years and now operates over 30 branches across the United States. The San Diego facility is part of this large network that seeks to offer military-specific care, realizing the uniqueness of combat duties and the historical challenges that come with the service. The Armed Services YMCA of San Diego (ASYSD) offers various programs for members of the armed services and their families all over the world. The ASYSD work closely

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Essay about Scientific Method and Participant Observation

In the article, â€Å"Researching Dealers and Smugglers,† Patricia Adler discusses her and her husband’s experience using participant observation to collect data from drug dealers and the problems this qualitative method brought. A qualitative method focuses on collecting rich, non-statistical data. This method involves face-to-face interviews and actual participation with the group being researched. The Adlers use this method because it is almost impossible to gather accurate information on people who smuggle drugs. This is true because they are such private and deceitful people. The only way to get the real facts is if the smugglers trust the person. Unfortunately, participant observation brought problems such as the dealers and smugglers†¦show more content†¦Cocaine also helped the dealers open up easily. During the interviews, some dealers experienced withdrawal symptoms. It caused them to become malicious with each other or towards the Alders without any w arning. The way the Alders solved this problem was by taking precautions when interacting with the dealers. The cocaine use was not a problem for the Adlers, but they most likely dealt with the marijuana issue quite easily since Patricia does not specifically explain how it was solved. In addition, there was another problem the Adlers encountered. The Adlers also found that mixing the overt and covert roles with the members of the group throughout the investigation was another issue. Since the Adlers had different level relationships with every individual, some of the dealers were aware that they were a part of a research project while others were not aware. This sometimes confused the Adlers. Patricia states, â€Å"They [the informants] would made occasional veiled references in front of people, especially when loosened by intoxicants, that made us extremely uncomfortable.† This issue made the couple uncomfortable because they did not want to blow their cover. Patricia and P eter Adler also feared that the participants would think they are police. Peter and Patricia Adler solved this issue by take the necessary safety measures so anyone they did not want to find out. TheShow MoreRelatedData Collection Method Participant Observation Essay1503 Words   |  7 PagesData collection method participant observation Introduction and Meaning of Observation The most common method used for getting information about the various things around us, is to observe those things and also the various processes related to those things. Hence, it can be said that observation acts as an important, fundamental and the basic method of getting information about anything. But it must be kept in mind that observation is not just seeing things but it is carefully watching the thingsRead MoreNaturalistic Observation : Observing People999 Words   |  4 Pages Naturalistic Observation – observing people in their natural setting. The advantages to his method are; realistic natural behaviours, low demand characteristics, can generate new ideas for research and test existing findings. However the disadvantages are; lack of control of variables, observer bias, limited to public places or certain types of behaviours, which may create ethical issues. Controlled Observation – allows researchers to observe in a natural setting, giving focus on whatRead MoreFactors That Affect The Mental Process964 Words   |  4 Pagesthe research gathered can assure behavioral characteristics are correct and correlate to the study. When conducting research, it is imperative that we manage systematic and careful observations. It is important to know that although research is used to gather information, it may not yield accurate results. Some observations that are collected by researchers may conflict with one another however; this is vital data that is necessary for the process. Different opinions are helpful in order to determineRead MoreThe Scientific Method Of Scientific Methods1387 Words   |  6 PagesThe Scientific Method The scientific method has been used for centuries to create a structured and concrete way to study a question. When looking at it from a psychology stand point, the scientific method allows psychologists to formulate a way to study and make sense of human nature and support their â€Å"haunches and plausible sounding theories†(Myers, 2010). Within the scientific method a theory is formed by everyday observations. It predicts behaviors or possible outcomes. Next a hypothesis mustRead MoreDiscuss to What Extent Psychology Can Be Considered a Science.1129 Words   |  5 PagesDiscuss to What Extent Psychology Can Be Considered a Science. According to Merriam Webster (2008), science is a, â€Å"knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method†, with scientific method in five steps being, â€Å"observation/research, hypothesis, prediction, experimentation and conclusion.† (, 20 06). With this to consider, is psychology a science and if so, to what extent. It would be fair to say that psychologyRead MoreSociological Exploration Or Research Is A Complex Process1333 Words   |  6 Pagesunchanged. An example of this would be how does gender (independent variable) affect rate of income (dependent variable). When Sociologist conduct research they use the â€Å"Scientific Method†. The Scientific Method is defined as a systematic method of procedure for formulating, testing, and modifying a hypothesis. The scientific method uses a six-step process, 1. Choose a topic, 2. Summarize, 3. Formulate a hypothesis, 4. Collect Data, 5. Analyze Results, 6. Present Findings. With this set of principlesRead MorePsychology Is Defined By Content Essay888 Words   |  4 PagesPsychology is defined by content. It is the scientific study of behavior and experience. Psychology uses scientific methodologies which include different techniques and strategies in order to collect and analyze data (Gorbel, Sept. 2nd). Psychologists conduct research in order to measure and describe behavior as a way to understand when,why, or how events occur. They apply their knowledge to the real-world (Gorbel, Sep. 28th). Before modern technology, Psychologists had to rely on subjective repotsRead MoreThe Experimental Method And Experimental Research1157 Words   |  5 Pagesknow today within this field. Through the experimental method we take steps to get knowledge about a chosen subject, in doing so, we are able to predict phenomenon, analyze cause, and effect and relationships between variables. We make observations, form hypothesis, make predictions, and do experiments, analyze the results of an experiment, draw a conclusion and finally we report findings and results of the experiment. The experimental method and experimental research is important to society becauseRead MoreA Research Methods Used By Psychologists955 Words   |  4 PagesCase studies, surveys, and naturalistic observations are a few research methods used by psychologists to facilitate the understanding of behavior. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages that are used in particular research scenarios. Techniques li ke observation or interactions between the researcher and the subject(s) such as extensive interviews to restrained experiments are what some research methods heavily rely on to be validated. A case study involves in-depth research and documentationRead MoreTypes of Experimental Research Methodologies1387 Words   |  6 Pages  Natural observation occurs when researchers observe participants in their natural setting. When researchers use natural observation they do not change the environment the participants are in and the researchers do nothing to change the behavior of the participants. Natural observation is used when researchers are looking for a particular behavior but this can be a very time consuming method of research. The researcher has no guarantee that he or she will witness the particular behavior he or she